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Action Figure Playsets

Magnetic Art Box Toys

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Arts & Crafts


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Dough & Modelling

Magic Slime- Metallic 16169

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Arts & Crafts

Another fantastic way by which you can keep your kids happy and engaged is with the help of arts and crafts. Kids love to play with magic slimes and have a good time.

Arts and crafts can be entertaining when it comes to magic slimes in different colors/ Kids try to make shapes out of them, and this is how they spent their time. But, unfortunately, kids today go for mobile games more even from a young age because of modern technology.

As good parents, we have to show our kids that everything has its own time and not the right age for mobile games. Instead, please encourage them to play and be busy creating crafts and art.

NONOae Shop has got all you need. It has fantastic art and craft materials for your kids. It is a great way to keep your kids engaged and encourage them to keep their hands and fingers moving.

Nurturing the kid’s creativity can be possible with the help of the magic dough, slimes, and other excellent types that NONOae Shop offers.

Mothers, there is good news for you. Now you can relax and sit back, knowing your house will not get dirty while your kids play outside with actual sand. The magic sands provided by the NONOae Shop are clean and do not tend to untidy your house.

From an early age, it is better to increase the talent in your kids, and this can happen with the help of arts and crafts. The dough and slimes provided for kids by the NONOae Shop are not for a particular gender, and both boys and girls can enjoy playing with them.

It is an excellent point that arts and crafts do have the capability to improve the connection and coordination between eyes and hands. If your kids start from an early age, it is a plus point and way better.

Try and encourage your kids, applaud them even if the created art is nothing that you can understand. This will make them feel that they are doing great and will keep playing.

If you are not a working parent or have some free time, do plan and spend some time with your kid and get busy with arts and crafts. Kids love the extra attention, so give them.

Arts and crafts are capable of promoting creativity and innovation in kids even from that young age. The idea behind the slimes and doughs and other art and craft materials provided by the NONOae Shop is to help and encourage your kids to learn while being busy and having fun.

Another great advantage of art and craft is that it improves memory and teaches flexibility to your kids. We are sure you need all these for your kids as every parent would.

The materials are not costly, and you can easily afford to buy them. Kids today are different because of the emergence of smartphones. Let us teach them from a young age that there are other great things in life that can teach them a lot of things and be beneficial for them apart from phones.

The golden period of childhood should be enjoyed and cherished by every child. Do not take the childhood from them by not providing the right toys and tools. Arts and crafts help kids to socialize. Learning to socialize is a significant step as some kids cannot get along with their type.

Thanks to the NONOae Shop, you have different choices to purchase for your kids. Arts and crafts are a great help in terms of physical as well as social development in children.

You can even play with your kids on weekends and keep everyone busy and happy. Arts and crafts are considered to be important psychologically, according to artists and even therapists.

Creativity comes when the child tries to make small things out of the slime or the dough he plays with. Let them enjoy the different colors of it, the softness, and the fine texture.

Being creative from a young age is vital for future success as the kid start to do things personally from a young age. Creativity is the solution for all the problems and the breakthrough of all the kids. You can order the colorful magic slimes and doughs from the official website of the NONOae Shop and spread happiness in your home.